Do Skellefteå Adventurepark sell gift cards?

Yes, and these are valid for two years. Buy them online HERE.

Do you have to fill out safety rule sheet?

Yes, it is mandatory for everyone climbing in our high rope courses. If you are under the age of 18, your legal guardian must fill it in for you.

I have visited the high rope courses before, du I still need to go through the introduction course?

Yes, everyone must pass the introduction course with our trained staff to make sure that the gear is put on correctly and that everyone knows how to handle it.

Can I book harnesses in advance?

You can reserve harnesses online HERE. If you are a larger group, you can make a reservation outside of our regular hours.

What should I wear?

When picking clothes for a day at our high rope courses, take in consideration that the climbing take place outdoor an that you will be swinging, jumping and crawling between trees! Shoes that are firmly stuck to the foot is also a must. Many people prefer gloves. You can buy a pair at our front desk! I f you have rings, bracelet that does not come of you have to cover them with gloves.

Can anyone climb?

If you are pregnant, got epilepsy or back or neck problems you have to decide if it is appropriate for you to participate.

Children under 5 years is not allowed to climb in our courses.

We have a weight limit of 120kg to participate.



How does it work to visit the Wilderness mine?

Visit us during our opening hours, pay the entry fee and watch a video guide of the history of the Wilderness mine. Included in the entry fee is renting boots, helmet and a flashlight. Wearing a helmet is mandatory. If you are a group, you can make a reservation to visit the mine outside our general opening hours.

Contact us at: info@skellefteaadventurepark.se