FOOD COOKED OVER OPEN FIRE (minimum 10 persons)

As a part of your day at Skellefteå Adventurepark, we can offer you food cooked over open fire for at least 10 people and must be booked in advance.

We offer a variety of delicious options:

  • Fried Palt served with carrots, lingonberries and local butter     150 SEK/p
  • Fried pancake with local pork                                                    150 SEK/p
  • Vegetable wok with reindeer, served as a wrap                          229 SEK/p
  • Reindeer stew with lingonberries                                               229 SEK/p
  • Biff Rydberg served with yolk and our own mustard créme      299 SEK/p

We also offer two different buffets

  • Adventure Buffet     295 SEK/p    A buffet that suits most ages and flavours.
  • Arctic Buffet            450 SEK/p    If you want to go all in on the Nordic theme, this is the Buffet for you.

We are open to adjustments in our menus if you have suggestions for change or wants to add perhaps an appetizer or a dessert.

Bon appétit!

Contact us at: or +46(0)910 500 40