Skellefteå Adventurepark AB runs an adventure facility about 10 km outside the centre of Skellefteå. The facility consists of an old mining area that was in use during the 30s and 40s. The mining area is one of the world’s most mineral-rich places and attracts visitors from all over the world. The property was previously owned by Skellefteå municipality but is now owned by Skellefteå Adventurepark AB.

On the property there is an old mine of about 150 metres long and 20 metres deep where the company offers guided tours and in the mineral park visitors can explore and see many of the 55 different minerals found during mining in the 30s and 40s.

Furthermore, the facility has eight high ropes courses between 1-12 metres in height, which are suitable for families, large groups, conference groups and others, and the company has climbing equipment for about 100 climbers. The facility also has a fenced recball course located directly adjacent to the park where the company offers paintball with equipment for 30 players.

In addition to the above activities, the company offers snowshoeing in the area, conference facilities, open fire cooking, wood heated hot tubs and relaxation.

The company’s geographical catchment area covers mainly Västerbotten and Norrbotten, with distances where visitors can get to and from the facility in the same day.

At present, the company has one employee, excluding the owner, with tasks in maintenance, inspections, all activities with guests, and new construction. During the high season, the company brings in about 10 employees who work during the summer months.

There are great opportunities for development within the current business, especially by supplementing the day’s activity offer with, for example, more winter activities such as winter fishing, cold bath, snowmobile tours. The facility has great potential for expansion and it is only the imagination that sets the limits.

The business property consists of 94 626 m2 of forest area and the neighbouring area consists of forest. The nearest settlement is about 1.5 km away. The facility has a good and strategic location with good accessibility via County Road 95.

Financial summary (KSEK) Prelim.

.                                                    2023-01           2022-04          2021-04            2020-04

Turnover                                     1 871                 1 779                 1 599                 1 460

Operating result (EBIT)            647                    340                    537                    206

Balance sheet total                   1 686                 1 211                 1 491                 1 119

Equity ratio %                             94 %                  79 %                  67 %                  53 %

Contact: Business Broker Kai Ström +46 70 363 10 66