The activities offered by the company are presented below:


The facility has eight different high ropes courses where the lowest and easiest course is at a height of one metre and the highest and most challenging course is at 12 metres above the ground. The courses have a total of 59 obstacles that offer different challenges, balance, climbing, jumping and coordination.

The high-altitude courses are a fun combination of play, climbing and adventure suitable for families, large groups, conference groups and others and the company has climbing equipment for about 100 climbers.

The courses are built according to the latest EU standards. The courses are also checked daily by the park’s trained staff.

The equipment used is inspected by the company’s staff before allowing anyone to put it on. Each participant receives a mandatory safety briefing from one of the company’s trained instructors. Before starting to climb, customers must prove that they understand how the safety system works by completing our short introduction course.

Children under the age of 12 must climb with a participating adult supervising the child at all times. Each adult can supervise a maximum of 2 children. If children under the age of 18 visit the facility by themselves, a signature from a parent/guardian is required.

Between midsummer and mid-August, the park is currently open for drop-in. At all other times of the year, bookings are required and the park is only open for groups.

The regular price for the high ropes courses (weeks 26-32) is:

3 hours (over 12 years): 380 SEK

3 hours (5-11years): 180 SEK


The park has a fenced-in arena with a shelter and a sign, which is directly adjacent to the park. Participants are equipped in the facility’s gunshop and then move to the pavilion adjacent to the course.

All bookings include a standard paintball marker with 200 balls, a paintball mask, camouflage overall and at least one instructor/game leader. It is possible to buy more balls on site. The company has equipment for a total of 30 players. Recommended age for from 12 years.

The facility offers different types of paintball games.

The facility also has an arrangement for children from 8 years old, so-called Kids Game, which is popular at children’s parties, for example.

There is room to start up another paintball course to meet demand during the high season.

Regular prices for Paintball (age from 13 years):

Equipment, 2 hours of playing time, 200 balls: 350 SEK p/p

100 extra balls: SEK 50

Tippmann Stormer Elite: +50 SEK

Regular price for KIDS GAME (from 8 years old):

Equipment, 1 hour playing time, unlimited balls: 250 SEK p/p

Kids game birthday package: +100 kr p/p


Skellefteå Adventurepark is built on an old mining area that had active mining during the 30s and 40s.

For those customers who want a quieter activity, the Wilderness Mine and Mineral Park is a good option. The mining area is one of the world’s most mineral-rich sites and attracts visitors from all over the world. At Vildmarksgruvan, guests can explore and see for themselves many of the 55 different minerals found during the mining operations in the 1930s and 1940s. For a fee of SEK 100, it is also possible to buy a stone finder’s licence to search for stones in the area and take them home.

The deposit was discovered in 1932 by Harald Holmgren who discovered a pegmatite vein on his forest property. Harald contacted the copper plant at Rönnskär for a possible delivery of quartz. The quartz contains silicon, which was used to purify copper. For feldspar, he contacted a company that manufactured porcelain and a company that used mica.

After negotiating with these companies for possible supplies, he hired three men and work began in October 1932. Many people in the village thought he was crazy to start mining.

Harald paid 50 öre per hour, which was 4 kr per day. During the work, a purple-coloured stone was found. It turned out to be lepidolite, which contains lithium. Lithium was in great demand and was used, for example, in catalysts and to produce synthetic rubber. The mine contains around 40 different types of minerals, including 6 different types of lithium.

In 1936, the mine was taken over by Boliden AB, which mined it until 1946 when operations ceased. In 1938, it turned out that what was considered to be waste quartz was not. It contained polucite, a mineral that contains the element caesium in a bound form. Cesium is used in infrared lamps, solar and photocells, etc.

At a later date, a new type of mineral emerged that geologists did not know what it was. Varuträsk even has a mineral named after it, Varulite.

Price for a visit to Vildmarksgruvan:

Admission: 100 SEK, children under 12 years old pay half price.

The entrance fee includes:

– Loan of helmet, boots, mining coat and lamp. There is also a fleece jacket if you think it is cold in the mine.

– A guide film that you can watch before you go down and explore the Wilderness Mine on your own.

– Freely roam around the area among the open pit, mining constructions, warp and debris piles, etc.


The centre has two conference/banquet facilities:

Gruvstugan – is fully equipped and takes about 70 seated guests.

The Lodge – a fully timbered octagonal lodge on two floors. Perfect for groups or small conferences and can accommodate about 50 seated guests.

The company can offer the complete experience, adapted to the participants’ wishes, whether it is a conference, group of friends or association.

The facility also has four hot tubs with room for about 8 people in each and a sauna with room for about 15 people. Adjacent to the bathing facility is the relaxation area where guests can sit on reindeer-skin-covered benches around a long table.

Furthermore, the company can also offer food over an open fire, which is often combined with a conference or activity. Pre-booking and a minimum of 10 participants are required.

Prices for a full day conference are:

1-20 participants: 570 SEK p/p

21 or more participants: SEK 545 p/p

The conference package includes:

– Morning coffee with sandwich and organic coffee/tea offered on arrival.

– Lunch consists of an adventure buffet with accessories, cooked over an open fire. Lingonberry drink included and coffee/tea.

– Afternoon coffee with soft cake and coffee/tea.


Prices for a half-day conference are:

1-20 participants: 450 SEK p/p

21 or more participants: SEK 440 p/p

The conference package includes:

– Choice of sandwich or soft cake and coffee/tea.

– Lunch consisting of our Adventure Buffet with accessories, cooked over an open fire. Lingonberry drink and coffee/tea.


The price includes room, conference equipment, fruit and water.


From December to the end of March, the company offers snowshoeing including an instructor/guide, poles and headlamp.

The tour lasts three hours but can be customised according to the group’s wishes. The guide talks about the history of the area and, if guests are lucky, they can see wild animals and the northern lights in the evening.

The age limit for the activity is 12 years and pre-booking is required.

If guests want a full-day package, a northern buffet cooked over an open fire is also included. Afterwards, guests are welcome to use the parks wood heated sauna.

For those guests who do not want to participate in any of the packages offered, it is possible to rent snowshoes and poles to go hiking themselves.


During the drop-in period, which is between week 26 and 32, the company also runs a café cart at the park where they offer coffee, ice cream, coffee and waffles.

Contact: Business Broker Kai Ström +46 70-363 10 66