The company’s geographical market mainly includes Västerbotten and Norrbotten, with distances where visitors can travel to and from the facility on the same day. However, the company also has several guests who come from other parts of the country and who are on holiday or attending a conference in Skellefteå and who then take the opportunity to visit the facility.

The nearest high ropes courses are in Umeå and Luleå. Within paintball, there are two other companies in the town, one of which conducts the activity more on a hobby basis.

Skellefteå has undergone major expansion in recent years with many new residents, both Swedish and foreign, mainly due to the establishment of the Northvolt battery factory, which has created thousands of new jobs in the municipality. Northvolt’s establishment has also contributed to other companies choosing to establish themselves in Skellefteå, which creates ripples and further jobs in the municipality. This will also contribute to a further increase in population.

With the arrival of many foreign citizens, the demand for winter activities has increased. For example, winter fishing is something that many foreign guests request as they often do not have the knowledge or equipment for this themselves. Another winter activity that would complement the current offer is cold bath against bookings, mainly groups and school classes.

This activity has been trending in recent years and demand has increased as many people are curious to try swimming under controlled conditions. Snowmobile tours would also be a good complement to the existing offer.

Within the combination of conference, food, activity and sauna/pool, the company is the only one in the neighbourhood.

There is also an opportunity to develop the existing activities, for example by offering a virtual visit to the Wilderness Mine for customers who cannot get down into the mine themselves.

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