2016                  The company was started with six high ropes courses and acquired the buildings in the area. In connection with the start-up, the land was also acquired from Skellefteå municipality.

2018                  The business was supplemented with “Snowshoes” as a winter business.

2019                  Zipline course was inaugurated and another course with a height of about 3 metres.

2020                  The business is supplemented with Paintball within the facility’s area.

2022                  The café car was inaugurated and beehives were acquired. The company also invested in new climbing harnesses and begins construction of a new introduction course and another high ropes course of 5 metres height.

2023                  The company starts a collaboration with the new hotel in Skellefteå, Wood Hotel by Elite.

Contact: Business Broker Kai Ström +46 70-363 10 66