The business property, Skellefteå Varuträsk 2:30, is owned by the company and will be included as part of the sale.

The property is located at Varuträsk 1, about 10 km west of central Skellefteå. The facility has good accessibility, just 300 metres from County Road 95, where Norwegian tourists pass on their way from Norway. Visitors can easily reach the facility by car, but it is also possible to walk or cycle to the facility via two hiking trails.

The property is assigned tax code 826 Special unit, cultural building and consists of 94 626 m2 of forest area and the neighbouring area consists of forest. The nearest residential area is about 1.5 km from the site.

The main building, Gruvstugan, has an area of about 270 m2 on two levels. The building has geothermal heating, a deep drilled well for drinking water and a three-chamber well with infiltration.

On the upper floor there is a conference room with space for about 70 seated guests and a bar adjacent to the room. On the ground floor there is a reception, three toilets, one of which is adapted for the disabled, and a changing room with two showers. There is also a restaurant kitchen with a dishwashing room as well as changing and viewing rooms for Vildmarksgruvan.

Adjacent to Gruvstugan is a 21 m2 staff room equipped with a mini-kitchen, toilet, changing room and laundry/drying room for the organisation’s laundry.

On the property there is also a fully timbered octagonal lodge of about 46 m2 on two floors. The building has direct electricity and a fireplace in the centre of the lower part. The building has equipment for small conferences.

The gunshop, for paintball, has an area of about 30 m2 and is built together with the facility’s relaxation area, which has an area of about 29 m2. Next to the relaxation area is a sauna, with room for about 15 people, and four hot tubs, two of which are wooden and two newer ones with plastic inserts and an external stove.

There are also two buildings in the size of “friggebod” houses that are currently used for storage.

Vildmarksruvan, a mine about 150 metres long, 20 metres underground, which was active during the 30s and 40s.

Buried in the ground is a 20 metre long steel cylinder that was previously used as a mini-mine for small children to play in. This is now closed but there are plans for a spectacular accommodation for group visitors.

During the summer months, the company also sets up a café wagon on the site, selling coffee, sweets, soft drinks, coffee and waffles.

Contact: Business Broker Kai Ström +46 70-363 10 66