The company is a member of Visit Skellefteå, which markets the facility in its channels. Visit Skellefteå is a company jointly owned by the city and the business community in Skellefteå. Their task is to market, and actively work to make Skellefteå an attractive, sustainable tourist destination and a natural place to live through experiences, meetings and events. In collaboration with the municipality, member companies and residents and visitors, they work to get more people to choose Skellefteå.

Skellefteå Adventurepark has its own website, www.skellefteaadventurepark.se, where they present their activities, opening hours and price information. Via the website, it is also possible to book activities, buy gift cards and more.

Furthermore, the company is active on Facebook and Instagram where they continuously make posts and inform their followers about what is happening at the facility. The company’s Facebook page currently has about 2,300 followers and the Instagram account has about 817 followers.

The company also carries out targeted advertising towards Skellefteå’s two largest campsites.

Contact: Business Broker Kai Ström +46 70-363 10 66